What are the tips for writing a business plan ?

For your business plan to be effective, relevant and interesting, it is important to prepare it well. So how do you write a business plan? Here we give you some tips on how to write it.

Finding the idea for a business creation

According to Georges Archier, Olivier Elissalt and Alain Setton, a business plan is: << a document that sets out the philosophy of an organisation, the values and principles it wishes to promote, its ethics and ambitions >>. Thus, to draft it, it is advisable to start by finding the idea of creating a company. Indeed, it is difficult to embark on a business creation project and to dare to undertake when the idea is not there and this is precisely why, before embarking on the drafting of a business project, you must have the right business idea. To this end, the business idea must go hand in hand with a project that meets a public need; a project that you are passionate about and that respects your constraints. It must also be a project that makes use of your skills.

Define the project’s marketing strategy

An important step in writing a business plan is defining the marketing strategy for the project. Indeed, the development of the marketing strategy helps to flesh out the business plan. It is up to you to think about the ways in which you can build customer loyalty and acquire customers. To this end, to develop your marketing strategy, you must adjust the four main variables: products or services. On this point, you must determine the characteristics that will enable your offer to stand out from similar services already on the market. Next, the price, i.e. the selling price must be set according to the cost of the services and their quality. Finally, distribution and communication, so that the choice of marketing channels for your services contributes to the development of your business creation project and so that the project can be made known to the public through effective communication. It is important to remember that these different tips will enable you to succeed in writing your business plan.